VISIONS OF GLORY CHURCH & VISIONS OF GLORY COMMUNITY SERVICES  founder BISHOP JEREMIAH KIBOBI APOLLO realized early on that spreading the gospel into the ends of the world takes a lot of work that requires support of able people. “in visions of glory we have pastors who share the Word of God, numerous people support them and help with the other functions of the church.

At VISIONS OF GLORY, we have a group of men and women who have dedicated their resources, including time and money, whether as part of the VISIONS OF GLORY staff, or as partners, volunteers. Our COMMUNITY is made up skilled professionals like pharmacists, nurses & counselors, lawyers, finance & administration personnel, accountants, development and aid workers, construction officers, human resource officers, liaison officers,communication/marketing & public relations workers, office assistants & drivers. Our skills are all different, but we work towards achieving VISIONS OF GLORY goal to assist THE COMMUNITY TO MEET THEIR needs of the people.